About..........Loekie Heintzberger



Loekie Heintzberger was born in The Netherlands. As long as she can remember she has been painting, drawing and always been busy making things. By the age of 19 she moved to the UK, here she attended several colleges. First she trained as a silversmith for 3 years, she then went on to the jewellery design course at Central Saint Martins, and obtained a Master of Arts in 2000 as a graduate from the Royal College of Arts (GSM&J) in London.

Whilst studying she became a member of CAA, and started creating jewellery pieces for galleries along side her study. While running her own company she was offered a fulltime position as a jewellery designer for the world's largest diamond company, De Beers in 2001. In 2006 she decided to become fully self employed. Loekie Heintzberger moved back to Holland where she has set up her own designstudio and sells her creations through galleries all over the world. Exhibitions include Palm Beach Art Fair (USA), BADA at Grovenor House (London), The Goldmark exhibition at Thomas Goode & Co in London, Juwelen aan het Amstel at the Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam and Collect at the V&A in London. Her work has been honoured with several first prices by the Goldsmith's Company in London.

Loekie Heintzbergerís inspiration is mainly absorbed from nature by strolling along the beach or sailing around Dutch waters. Elegant organic forms, intriguing textures and materials such as wood, lava and sand are a re-occurring theme in her work.

The collections tend to be ambiques, combining traditional techniques and classical elements with contemporary materials, ideas and skills. The materials are usually transformed in the form of hair fine wires or intriguing textures. A lot of the time she spends experimenting in her studio, whereby the substance is either twisted and turned, knotted and milled.

My main aim is to create elegant pieces of jewellery that are comfortable and unique which look and feel incredibly precious.

Loekie Heintzberger